The Weekly Feed 2.24

2012 February 27
by kyle

I told myself that I had too much work, that I couldn’t watch The Academy Awards.  But as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for award shows.  I like ’em, and I liked last night.  There is some grumbling about it not trying anything new, but it’s the Oscars.  It’s an established tradition.  The jokes were funny, Billy Crystal was back to hold court on his kingdom, and (and this is where it relates to this show), it was great to see Man or Muppet walk away with best song.

As for the week in web tunes, things have slowed a bit as the industry ramps up to SxSW, but there was still no lack of the good batch.  Also, one of my favorite interviews of the year so far is with Mike Doughty as we discuss his new memoir, The Book of Drugs.

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The Weekly Feed


Theme Park – Two Hours – Theme Park

Charli XCX – I’ll Never Know

M. Ward – Primitive Girl – A Wasteland Companion

Gentleman Jesse – Eat Me Alive – Leaving Atlanta

Portugal the Man – I’d Rather Go Blind

Santigold – Disparate Youth – Master of My Make Believe

Mike Doughty – Into the Un – Yes and Also Yes

Mike Doughty Interview

Mike Doughty – Day By Day By – Yes and Also yes

Ed Sheeran – Empire State of Mind – Live at BBC1

Counting Crows – Jumping Jesus – Underwater Sunshine

Chromatics – Lady

Music News

Black Tambourine – What’s Your Game – OneTwoThreeFour

The Men – Ex-Dreams


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