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It's a one hour specialty show hosted by Kyle Meredith from the WFPK studios in Louisville, KY. We find the newest, best, and most discussed tracks making waves across the net and compile them all into a mixtape bent on keeping you up-to-date.

Interview: Josh Homme

2014 September 17
by kyle


Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme as a guest DJ? It’s a real thing. Sean Cannon had the giant ginger in the box for this wildly entertaining session.

Interview: Mike Doughty

2014 September 16
by kyle

Mike Doughty just released his latest album, Stellar Motel, a record that finds him working with a hip hop producer, as well as several hip hop artists from the NYC queer rap scene. Mike gave Kyle the scoop on his own discovery of that crew and much more in this phone interview.

The Video Feed: Twenty One Pilots

2014 September 15
by kyle

Tyler Joseph & Josh Dun catch up with Kyle Meredith to talk about their wildly successful year, being an independent band, religion, ukuleles, and their next record.

The Weekly Feed x Twenty One Pilots

2014 September 13
by kyle

Yep, U2 released their first record in 5 years for free to 500 million people. ┬áBig news. But it’s not the only news. We’ve also got new tracks from Walk the Moon, Weezer, King Tuff, Julian Casablancas (of The Strokes), and the first Aphex Twin song in 13 years! On top of all that, Twenty One Pilots is on the show to talk about their huge-o year and Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) is the guest DJ. Dig it. read more…

Interview: Todd Barry

2014 September 11
by kyle


Here’s the first interview from Sean Cannon’s recent trip to New York City, and it’s with a quintessential New York comedian. Sure, Todd Barry spent most of his adolescence in Florida, but his heart was always in NYC.

The Video Feed: Jenny Lewis

2014 September 9
by kyle

Jenny Lewis drops by to talk with Kyle Meredith about her new LP, The Voyager, her battle with the sads, love of Cosmos, the end of Rilo Kiley, feminism, and much more.

The Weekly Feed x Jenny Lewis

2014 September 6
by kyle

An embarrassment of riches, that’s what we have this week! New TV On the Radio, Interpol, Cass McCombs, Prince, Stars, & Mark Lanegan. ┬áPlus comedian Todd Barry guest DJs for us, and the amazing Jenny Lewis drops by to hang out for a bit.

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Interview: Rory Scovel

2014 September 4
by kyle


When something goes wrong, it’s comedian Rory Scovel’s fault. Or at least that’s how he seems to feel most of the time. That said, it’s hard to believe Scovel is capable of doing any wrong. In addition to being incredibly funny, he’s just so darn likeable. -Sean Cannon

The Video Feed: Spoon

2014 September 2
by kyle

Spoon’s Brit Daniel & Alex Fischel dropped by Kyle Meredith’s set backstage at Forecastle to talk They Want My Soul, a band’s relationship to fans, interjecting madness into beauty, and AC/DC.

The Weekly Feed x Spoon

2014 August 30
by kyle

Welcome back to another wonderful week here in new music land. We’ve got a smorgasbord of only the freshest tunes for your obsessive enjoyment. Tracks from Ms. Lauryn Hill, Thurston Moore, & The Features. You’ll also want to pay attention to the exquisite cover that Nite Jewel tackles from the catalog of Kate Bush, as well as Real Estate covering The Nerves.

For further enticement, Britt & Alex from Spoon are here to hang out, and comedian Rory Scovel takes his turn as guest DJ. So don’t delay, push the button play.

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