Peter Gabriel “My Body Is A Cage” (Arcade Fire cover)

2010 January 26
by kyle

A CD we’ve been looking really forward to since it’s announcement comes from Peter Gabriel.  Not a name you might expect these days.  This time, however, he’s come up with a concept titled Scratch My Back where he covers a big bunch of modern musicians and sets up the stage for them to, in turn, cover their favorite Gabriel tracks (Radiohead just announced they’d be doing one).  Smart man, that Sledgehammer, and not a bad way to stay relevant in an ever changing aural landscape.  So, here to prove just how amazing this guy can still be, he’s tackled Arcade Fire’s “My Body Is a Cage,” giving it a lush, yet dark string arrangement and playing the song to it’s multiple strengths.  Check it out now and pick it up on Feb. 15th, Peter Gabriel with My Body is a Cage on The Daily Feed.


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