Welcome to The Weekly Feed!

It's a one hour specialty show hosted by Kyle Meredith from the WFPK studios in Louisville, KY. We find the newest, best, and most discussed tracks making waves across the net and compile them all into a mixtape bent on keeping you up-to-date.

Interview: Jon Wurster

2014 July 3
by kyle

For fans of pocket squares, perfect timekeeping and weekly phone call-based comedy, Jon Wurster is about as high profile as it gets. Sean Cannon sat down with him before Forecastle Fest to try to figure out exactly what makes him tick (here’s a hint: it doesn’t involve practice).

The Video Feed: Wayne Coyne

2014 July 2
by kyle

Kyle Meredith catches up with Wayne Coyne backstage at the Hangout Music Fest to talk celebrity, Miley Cyrus and Kesha, The Beatles, twitter, and helping homeless animals.



The Weekly Feed x Wayne Coyne

2014 June 29
by kyle

For the last episode of the 2nd quarter, we’ve gathered an entire hour of some of the most anticipated releases of the summer. You’ll be able to hear Ryan Adams, Robert Plant, The Shins, Delta Spirit, and Bahamas. You Blew It covers Weezer and Sam Smith gives a new reading to a Whitney Houston classic. Sean Cannon has Jon Wurster in the guest DJ seat and I sit down to talk celebrity with Wayne Coyne. And there’s still more after that.

Dig in.

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Interview: Kurt Braunohler

2014 June 26
by kyle

The last time Sean Cannon talked with Kurt, the two talked a lot about punk rock and TV. They hit on those subjects this time around, but the focus is more on his stand-up career and what it takes to decompartmentalize your life while on stage. Kurt also explains how a simple tweet eventually led to a record deal.

The Video Feed: Ingrid Michaelson

2014 June 25
by kyle

Ingrid Michaelson, backstage at Hangout Fest, talks with Kyle Meredith about her new LP, Lights Out, and her sonic jump to a more pop sound. The two also discuss co-writing, love, and her new web series, Little Kids Big Questions, having kids, and her views on Hilary Clinton in 2016.

The Weekly Feed x Ingrid Michaelson

2014 June 22
by kyle

Did you hear that Alt-J have a new single? That’d be big enough news, but the fact that they sample Miley Cyrus and totally make it work is what really makes this outstanding news. Add Dan Boekner’s new band, Au Revoir Simone covering Mazzy Star, and the return of The Vaselines and you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to spend an hour.

But IF that’s not enough, we’ll up the ante with some hang time with Ingrid Michaelson, who gives us the scoop on her record, and Kurt Braunohler, who tries his hand at being a DJ.

Diiiiiiiiig in.

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Interview: Jon Glaser

2014 June 20
by kyle

If you told teenage Sean Cannon that he’d eventually get to interview Segue Sam and the Gorton’s Fisherman, he would’ve freaked out. Then again, this adult Sean, and the opportunity to chat with Jon Glaser was still pretty enthralling. Not only that, but it may have helped him inch closer to making a big change in his life.

The Video Feed: Conor Oberst

2014 June 18
by kyle

Conor Oberst takes a break from his Bright Eyes persona for a new solo record, Upside Down Mountain. He and Kyle Meredith dig into the ins and outs of the disc, the traps of being a singer-songwriter, and how all the changes in his life have led him to here.

The Weekly Feed x Conor Oberst

2014 June 16
by kyle

With the summer in full swing, we’re staring to get a ton of big-name artists readying their fall releases, which in turn means a hit packed show for us!  Spoon, Tom Petty, The New Pornographers, Jeff Tweedy on a solo run, and Santigold.  Don’t miss the covers either, Polica covering Leslie Gore and Father John Misty giving his best Cat Stevens.

For the guests, Conor Oberst drops by to talk Upside Down Moutain and Jon Glaser plays guest DJ.

Dig in.

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Interview: Henry Rollins

2014 June 12
by kyle

Sean Cannon talks with Henry Rollins and gets him to reveal what caused him to put on his big boy pants and embrace responsibility in the ’80s. He also let his music nerd flag fly. Rollins talked about his two “happy place” bands and reminded me that you don’t have to become jaded if you don’t want to. So if he can still be a fanboy after all these years, there’s hope for even me.