Music News 5/4

2012 May 6
by kyle

Every week, our crack(ed) news team scours the web for the best headlines that music has to offer.  Catch up on this week’s antics below with Erin Keane, Sean Cannon, and Kyle Meredith, unedited, uncut, uncensored, unfortunately.

Courtney Love (iknowright) loses every bit of Cobain’s likeness, appearance, or music rights.  The surprising bit is that it’s taken this long.

Tom Morello has a guitarmy.  You’ll have fun saying that one for a few days.

Sean waxes on My Bloody Valentine and their new EP/LP.  Hint: it sounds fuzzy.

And we get an update on the most metal disease you can have, a flesh eating disease that’s been eating away at Slayer’s guitar man’s arm.  (we named it Courtney).

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