The Video Feed 11/24

2010 November 24
by kyle

Well, here is some food for thought over your holiday weekend.  I have started today’s list with The Arcade Fire’s collaboration with Spike Jonze on The Suburbs.  This is a gripping take on youth in modern suburbia that I found seems straightforward, but was offbeat enough to keep you thinking about it. If you haven’t checked out The Wilderness Downtown website yet, I recommend it.  Today’s second video is B.o.B.’s “Beast Mode”.  It’s a playful video that seems inspired by Kanye’s “Monster”.  I wouldn’t say it’s one of his best tracks, but it’s very much his style and I dig it.  The last video today is one that I really wasn’t sure about, but I just couldn’t stop watching. It’s “Didn’t Know What Love Was” by Bernard Summer, Hot Chip and Hot City; featuring live shadows, an ostrich and a monkey.

The Suburbs – The Arcade Fire

Beast Mode – B.o.B.

Didn’t Know What Love Was – Bernard Summer, Hot Chip and Hot City

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