Win It: R.E.M. – Fables of the Recontruction 25th Anniversary Edition

2010 July 13
by kyle

So, we did our first web contest last week with the Oasis double-hits CD and it went great!  Congrats to Antonio Cesic, who was picked at random amongst all of you that signed up for the mailing list.

This week, we’re raising the stakes AND more of you have a chance to win.  I know there are A LOT of fans out there for R.E.M.’s Fabels of the Recontruction.  They’ve just released the 25th Anniversary Edition, packed with goodies and I’ve got 3 of them.  Along with the original, remastered album, it also includes a bonus CD (The Athens Demos), 3 bonus demos, including the never before heard track “Throw Those Trolls Away”, a poster, postcards, and liner notes by Peter Buck.  Pretty awesome, yeah?

Now, while I do still encourage you to sign up for the mailing list (it’s right there to your right), the rules have changed this time around.  As I mentioned, this is a pretty important record to some of you.  To win, just tell me what this record means to you, or why you like it, or why you think you deserve it.  I’ll take my favorite picks out of the entries and contact you via email (so make sure you include your email!)

Here’s some enticement, the “new” track, Throw Those Trolls Away:

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  1. Joseph Kyle permalink
    July 13, 2010

    So, like, it was ’88, I loved Green. I bought “Document” and loved it, too. Bought “Dead Letter Office” and, yeah, I loved it as well. Then I bought this one. And I hated it. Hated it hated it hated it. Why? Was it because my tastes were not as sophisticated? Was it because the record wasn’t as slick or produced? Did it lack the hits? Honestly, I can’t tell ya why. Considering the stuff I read about them and with them didn’t mention this record, I just kinda grew to feel that the band didn’t care for it, either. Honestly, though, for the longest time I thought the album was titled “Reconstruction of the Fables,” simply because of the cover art, an that the cassette side bar could be read that way.

    So I placed that IRS cassette in my tape shelf by my bed, and I forgot about it. Didn’t listen to it. Watched it gather dust, as better tapes came and went around it. Why listen to a mediocre REM record, when I could listen to a more impressive PiL album, a better Throwing Muses record, or a sleepy Galaxie 500 record? I had a suspicion that the band wasn’t exactly the brilliant saviors of music as I had assumed, and Fables was proof of that. If I didn’t love every record the band put out, then, really, could I trust them? Well, that’s what I thought at the time. Most teenagers think that way.

    As it should come as no surprise, my love affair with REM didn’t last, ending with Out of Time. Mediocre records and the general annoyance factor of Michael Stipe turned me off. Then, one day, bored at home, I pulled out the Fables cassette again an gave it a listen. Now…I love it. It’s just one of those inexplicable things as to why it didn’t take with me. What song impresses me most? “Driver 8” is pretty much a classic, but every other song could be seen that way.

    Maybe it was REM becoming more mature, more nuanced, that didn’t sit right. Of course, the record didn’t have any ‘hits’ on it, things I could recognize, and I admit now that my tastes might have been swayed by the popularity thing. But I don’t care; it’s a great record, even if it wasn’t as loved as it should have been. Sometimes the listener needs to grow up a little bit.

  2. July 13, 2010

    I have just come back to Indiana thinking that I needed to move to Florida for a girl. Leaving family and friends behind. But in Chattanooga (long story) of all places I realize that F & F and infinitely more important than one individual. Two albums got me through a really tough time UB40 “Labour of Love” and REM “Fables…” When I was Young – because I wasn’t anymore……”Life And How to Live It”….because I had no frickin clue……Can’t Get There From Here”…because you can’t! And finally Driver 8…why, I can’t remember…but that is one outstanding tune…..

  3. July 16, 2010

    I was recently, like in the last month, introduced to this album. When this album was released I was eleven years old and firmly entrenched in a pop music phase. This wouldn’t have been on my radar.

    Being introduced to it now has given me a better appreciation for the music and for how much better REM was before they hit the mainstream in the early ’90s. While I’m always looking for ‘new’ music, hearing this album for the first time reminded me that there is a lot of ‘older’ music that I still need to hear and appreciate.

  4. kenny permalink
    July 19, 2010

    Would love one

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